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Please go ahead sir. Actually I managed to ask the two questions that I had really on this call. Is that the correct reading of what GM did yesterday. Well, just I would like to tell you that the reason why there is so much work during this transition is of course because we need to take care of the way we are going to shift from a GM world to a PSA world.

After the closing this has been extensively discussed and prepared, of course looking at the way the deal has been structured, it has been structured in a way where there must be some interest on the GM side to make this work in a smooth and efficient way. And we are ready for day one to start doing whatever we need to do to make this transition smooth and efficient.

Smooth means we will respect everything we have agreed with GM and of course efficient means payday loans online we can accelerate the synergies we will. Jean-Baptiste, you want to add something. Thank you for payday loans online my question. Payday loans online just one left from my side. Thanks for your question. The volume drop pace is being reduced and on the second quarter of 2017 the volume drop pace was significantly lower. Half the pace of the first quarter and that means that the counter measures that has been implemented starts to deliver some results.

Now from here we cannot see precisely at which speed we are going to turnaround this situation, but we can see that the first counter measures with the Peugeot brand have been delivering some results, which means that we have confidence in the fact that at one point in time this situation will turnaround. The Payday cash loans loans online 4008 has been well received by the market. The Citroen C5 Aircross is going to be launched soon in the market, which means that we have not only operational changes to be implemented within the JV.

No, no nothing more to add really. We want to guide on precise figures on BPCA in the one half, so we are in a reconstruction mode. We have good signs, so we will pursue that, but it will take time. Yes, sorry, we have another question from Stephen Reitman from Societie Generale. I have two topics. And secondly a question about your pricing positioning in the vehicles and it relates to the Opel acquisition. You know it is very clear that each car company has a very different way to address the sales business and it is specific to each company.

Of course like you do we are looking at the channel mix, which is the point that you were highlighting. But it is also important to recognize that there is a presence in the market for Opel that needs to be supported and support that presence is important for the future after we improve significantly the cost structure of the company.

So what I would like to share with you is that after the closing, most probably we will try to look at the cost structure and support the turnaround by the synergies that we believe we can implement based on the current competitiveness of the PSA Group. This is something that I think is the wisest thing to do is to start from there and let the sales and marketing people from Opel do what they are able to do today.

The other thing that of course I would like to highlight to you is the fact that we are in a situation where we know that the value of the Peugeot brand has increased.

We are happy about that. That does not change that the Peugeot brand is a French brand and we will continue to reinforce the German dimension of the Opel brand, which means regardless of the value of each brand which of course it is in our best interest to improve.

We will continue to develop the German dimension of the German Opel brand and of course the French dimension of the Peugeot brand. We can have a French brand with a good pricing and you can have a strong German brand eventually with a good pricing.

So we feel good about this complementarity. And I would like to end this session by telling Mr. Schneider who asked me a question about the CO2 that he contact our IR people because we would like to give him a little bit more information about the CO2 related to the mix change of our sales in the first half. At the same time I want to confirm that for the PSA Group we are totally on track to meet the CO2 requirements in 2021.

This has to be clear. Thank you very much for your support. Thank you very much for your challenging and always very interesting questions. See you next time. Have a good day. Carlos Tavares, sir, please go ahead. Carlos Tavares Thank you.

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